We create disruptive digital campaigns that get results & transform brands.

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Build and leverage your social media following

We help your brand to be seen at the maximum capacity, across the digital landscape. Sammas’s aim is to crush numbers. That is why our influencer campaigns are built a little different to other places. Our influencers tell stories through their own unique way, which incorporates human connections. Driving engagement is down to the most simple formula. The right influencers + the right strategy = breaking numbers. Our clients and influencers together produce remarkable numbers.

Influencer collaborations

It seems straightforward, you bring in an influencer and it works? Wrong. By using an agency that has an influencer marketing strategy, involving data analysis, vetting process, demographic research and more will ensure your influencer campaigns drive higher conversions for the intended actions. Whether it is more engagements, followers, likes, shares, saves or even more sales, Sammas’s analytical approach will help deliver those results.

Suspicious followers, fake engagement

Through the Sammas rigorous vetting process, it is a given that the influencers that will be connecting with your brands demographic are the one that will be authentic and real. As we know, humans are all based on emotions. What drives actions is emotions and by using influencers that can have a strong emotional connection to its demographic, the results only means positive for your brand.

Lack of influencers?

Speak to our influential team of influencer marketers. We bring the best and appropriate influencers to work with your brand.

Sammas UK are a creative digital marketing agency based in London. We create disruptive digital campaigns that get results & transform brands.

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