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Hospitality Marketing

Sammas specialise in hospitality marketing, helping restaurants, hotels, food brands, lounges, bars and members clubs completely revolutionise their marketing efforts.

Leading hospitality agency.

Sammas has an immense enthusiasm for promoting Hospitality businesses, working with some of the most renowned names in the industry all over the globe. The Hospitality industry is always developing and fiercely competitive, with a changing digital landscape. By taking advantage of the OCMX methodology, Sammas is able to attain a high return on investment with the use of Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Generation, and Paid Targeting.

Eagerly building technology innovations

Carrying out a successful and costeffective Hospitality Digital Marketing Campaign can be difficult for businesses of all sizes. Sammas Hospitality Consultants work with startups on a regular basis, aiding large Hospitality enterprises to act like startups. Thanks to the swift customer decision cycle and tight competition, the Hospitality sector as a whole has enabled Sammas to come up with new ideas and insights in the wider marketing arena.

Where our specialities lie

Restaurant Marketing

Sammas's Hospitality Consultants have collaborated with multiple restaurants around the world to create an individual digital plan for each one, following our Hospitality sector practices. We help Hospitality organizations recognize and capitalize on appropriate chances that will bring them the most success in the short and long term. Our restaurant expertise stretches from Michelin star restaurants to local eateries, all with different methods for their marketing.

Luxury Hotels

Sammas Hospitality Marketing Consultants have a strong grasp of their target customer and have been entrusted with the task of protecting the brand's values on all digital platforms. They have also been successful in helping some of the most luxurious Hotels and Villas worldwide to maximize their occupancy rate and boost the profits of affiliated entities such as eateries, spas, gyms, stores, and casinos.


Sammas Consultant has a lot of experience in Product Launches and Event Marketing. We have collaborated with a variety of companies and Hospitality clients to plan successful product launch plans or occasions. Our Hospitality team will create a strategic Social Media plan that is coupled with an extensive Influencer Marketing approach to increase the visibility of the product, event, or venue.

Members Club

Gaining the trust of your consumers and making your brand more recognizable can be done efficiently through influencer marketing. Studies indicate that people are more likely to respond positively to influencer campaigns than to regular advertisements because they view them as more reliable. The hospitality industry is an ideal place to put influencer campaigns into action, as they can generate a huge return on investment if handled correctly.

Sammas UK are a creative digital marketing agency based in London. We create disruptive digital campaigns that get results & transform brands.

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