We create disruptive digital campaigns that get results & transform brands.

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Welcome to Sammas – Where Creativity Meets Digital Excellence!

At Sammas, we’re not just a digital marketing agency; we’re a community that values people above all. Established in the vibrant heart of London in 2012, we’ve been weaving creativity into the fabric of our work, setting the pace for the industry. Our roots are deeply embedded in the realm of hospitality, e-commerce and real estate and we’ve evolved into a powerhouse of 15+ talented individuals, each bringing their unique expertise to the table.

We’ve grown to become a powerhouse in the industry, partnering with illustrious names such as Rolls Royce, Aqua Restaurant Group, Kendall & Kylie, and a myriad of innovative startups.


Stunning content & marketing campaigns – Nine Lounge


High-quality content for social media – HR Owen Rolls Royce


Commitment to fine details and attention to detail – Mallets London

What sets us apart

🌐 Global Reach:

Our influence extends far beyond the iconic streets of London. Sammas has made its mark on the international stage, leaving a digital footprint in cities like New York, Miami, Dubai, Dhaka, and more. Wherever your vision takes you, we’re there to transform it into a digital masterpiece.

🎨 Our Expertise:

At Sammas, creativity is our currency. Our team of digital architects, storytellers, and visionaries collaborate seamlessly to bring your brand to life. From cutting-edge web design to immersive social media strategies, we craft experiences that resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression.

🌟 Amazing Clientele:

We’re honored to have partnered with industry titans like Rolls Royce, setting new standards for digital excellence. The Aqua Restaurant Group, Kendall & Kylie, and a diverse portfolio of startups have also entrusted their digital journeys to us, attesting to our commitment to innovation and results.

Add sparks and fire to your business 🔥

Let’s face it, first impressions matter. Your brand has an opportunity to wow its audiences, so why waste it with bad website design, social media and content? Because brands win new fans when they’re brave enough to go beyond their creative comfort zone. 

High-end content creation and visuals 🎥

Sammas specialises in crafting visually stunning content tailored for the ever-evolving landscape of social media. From Instagram to TikTok, we understand the importance of creating thumb-stopping visuals that not only showcase your brand’s essence but also drive engagement. Our team of creative minds collaborates with you to understand your brand identity, ensuring that every image, video, or graphic we produce aligns seamlessly with your overall message.

How Sammas works?

We have dedicated managers for each particular service, attentive to every detail of your query. Your dedicated team work for your brand, focusing on growing your sales, engagement and presence online.

Brand Manager

Your brand manager focuses on your brand and will be the first to attend to your questions or tasks and take action.

Social Media Manager

As your social media manager, they will be running all social media activities in order to achieve the objectives from the marketing strategy. They will be communicating to your audiences as your brand.

Digital Marketing Manager

Your paid ads specialist, Google My Business manager or SEO manager will be running their marketing activities throughout the month whilst keeping you in the loop with progress.

Managing all your social medias and helping build your presence online

Crushing the social media game is not easy. You need the right set of ideas, strategy, content and execution in order to gain organic following, engagement, impressions, likes, interactions that convert into something meaningful for your brand. With our in house content production team, and digital marketing experts, we create a bespoke blueprint that will help translate your brand values and ethos into your social media feeds.

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Sammas UK are a creative digital marketing agency based in London. We create disruptive digital campaigns that get results & transform brands.

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